The Magnetic Business Podcast

58. Shift Your Mindset to Avoid Business Burnout with Alex Lianne Carter

January 20, 2022 Episode 58
The Magnetic Business Podcast
58. Shift Your Mindset to Avoid Business Burnout with Alex Lianne Carter
Show Notes

Alex Lianne Carter is a High-Performance Productivity NeuroCoach™, Business Mentor and founder of Ambition Unleashed. She works with high achievers to master their millionaire mindset, supercharge their productivity and up-level their leadership skills so they can create a greater impact & hit 7 figures --without burnout.

In today's episode, we talk all about how to make simple, effective mindset and internal belief switches to avoid stress, overwhelm and burnout as a female entrepreneur. Alex walks us through how your mind processes overwhelm and procrastination and how this can lead us to burnout over and over again if we don't change our patterns. She also gives us tools to help us breakthrough the loop that is leading to burnout, so we can get back to being the high achieving entrepreneurs and CEOs we want to be!

In this episode:
[03:50] - Alex Lianne's background and how to became a mindset coach
[05:45] - The concept of burnout and how it looks different for everyone
[06:50] - Why burnout commonly recurs over and over again
[07:25] - Brain training for true success without the burnout
[08:10] - How to start changing your path from burnout to something better
[08:45] - Re-imaging what your success should look like
[09:09] - Your brain is programmed to think "corporate"
[11:50] - Get clear on what you want and connect with the future version of yourself
[12:20] - Vision activation - using your 5 senses to create your mindset
[13:00] - Your current identity and beliefs could be holding you back
[14:50] - Change your operating system and your beliefs to become a CEO
[15:05] - The step by step for overcoming burnout mindset
[16:30] - Why goal setting is so important for getting past burnout
[18:35] - Your brain wants to keep you safe, so it could keep you unproductive
[19:45] - Restructuring the fear of failure and the procrastination
[24:45] - Where high achievers start to go wrong with their goals
[25:15] - Why celebrating small wins is so important for your brain
[27:47] - Finding people who are already doing what you want to do to help prove it to your brain
[28:48] - Surround yourself with smarter people and step into rooms where you can learn form other people
[29:19] - Take stock of your mentors and why you look up to them
[32:00] - Why we get so distracted as entrepreneurs and how to course correct
and much more!

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