The Magnetic Business Podcast

51. Five Ideas For Increasing Your Revenue This Holiday Season

December 09, 2021 Lexie Sparrow Episode 51
The Magnetic Business Podcast
51. Five Ideas For Increasing Your Revenue This Holiday Season
Show Notes

The holiday season is fast approaching, and there is no better time than now to get your holiday promotion in order to have the sales pour in while you relax in your pjs with a cup of cocoa.

Before we dive into the mini training in this episode, I know most of us think that in order to increase our sales or really capitalize on holiday promos, we have to discount our services or our products. Although this may seem like a super tempting thing to do, I suggest thinking twice, and maybe consider your other options (like the ones in this episode). 

In this episode, I'm sharing 5 of my top tips for increasing the value of your program or services during the holidays, getting more people curious about you as an expert and of course, increase your sales and create a little passive revenue throughout the holiday season (without discounting your prices). 

The best part is that you can use these holiday promotion ideas all year long! 

Ready to prepare your business for the best holiday season ever? Let’s get started! 

Episode Highlights: 

  • [02:25] Reasons why you shouldn't discount your services this holiday season
  • [02:55] Strategies online coaches can start to implement now to generate more sales vs discounting their products or coaching services during holiday promotions
  • [03:37] How to create an easy passive offer that you can sell to your ideal clients during the holidays (with examples)
  • [10:04] Unique and intuitive ways to collaborate with other business owners to increase sales and attract a new audience for the new year
  • [12:50] How to make your signature offer really stand out and use it whenever you need a revenue boost for your coaching business
  • [15:20] How this one style of coaching offer can save you time, energy, and help kickstart your service-based business sales (especially around the holidays)
  • [16:40] My tip for increasing sales now, and bookings later (psst - gift cards)
  • [19:06] Do whatever works for you this holiday season! 
  • [19:22] Why New Year is a great time to try ALL these holiday promotion tips if you are a health or wellness professional 

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