The Magnetic Business Podcast

49. Copywriting Tips to Create Powerful Conversations With Your Dream Clients with Cathy Topping

December 02, 2021 Episode 49
The Magnetic Business Podcast
49. Copywriting Tips to Create Powerful Conversations With Your Dream Clients with Cathy Topping
Show Notes

Have you ever visited someone's website or viewed their program sales page and felt as if they were speaking directly to you or reading your mind? This is what effective copywriting can do for your business.

Copywriting is one of the most important aspects of effective online marketing, whether you're planning to use it for blogs, sales copy, websites, media captions, or ads copy. To write’ good copy’, you need to really get into the mind of your ideal client, so you can communicate to them in a way that inspires them to take action. 

Today I'm joined by Cathy Topping, a sales conversion copywriter who writes words that sell products and services for her client. A former web designer, Cathy helps entrepreneurs make their sales copy feel really unique and communicate effectively to their ideal client or customer exactly who they are as a business owner and why people should buy their offer. 

In this episode, Cathy shares a ton of copywriting tips and tricks, such as how to conduct marketing research with your target audience's inner voice to make your copy resonate with them, and how this can greatly benefit in creating a better content plan for your online business. She shows us that writing copy that sells isn't really about writing at all, but about how powerful our messaging can be when we tap into the words that connect with our audience.

Episode Highlights: 

  • [02:52] Cathy's own journey from designing websites to becoming a sales conversion copywriter
  • [06:43] How she overcame imposter syndrome and built a career she enjoys
  • [9:48 ] Understanding the alignment process for a strong copy foundation
  • [11:47] Copywriting's secret science and formula & how it can transform your business
  • [12:57] The market research tips you need to complete in order to write compelling copy that converts
  • [14:37] How to make your copy more authentic and attract the right clients for your business
  • [18:20] How to write social media content copy that makes people think, “ Oh you read my mind! “
  • [19:12] A few tips and tricks to help you get started with effective market research + finding your customer’s voice
  • [24:17] How market research helps you create a highly profitable copy 
  • [28:40] Ways to get a richer pool of language ideas & the essential tools + tracking process to keep them organized
  • [34:00] How to really come off as an expert in your sales copy
  • [38:40] Different ways to conduct customer voice research and how to put it all together to make a better content plan

Connect with Cathy:

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