The Magnetic Business Podcast

48. Why You Need To Be Tracking Metrics In Your Coaching Business

November 25, 2021 Lexie Sparrow Episode 48
The Magnetic Business Podcast
48. Why You Need To Be Tracking Metrics In Your Coaching Business
Show Notes

Whether you're just starting out as a new coach or entrepreneur, running an online business involves a lot of big-picture thinking. This may come naturally to you, or it may be something that you have to really focus on as a creator, healer, or coach in order to help you build your business and ultimately allow you to do more of what you love.

Let me ask you this. How well is your current business strategy actually functioning for you and your business? How are all the pieces of your business working together? Are you seeing a return on your monetary investments, your energy investments, your time investment into things? Where should your focus be placed next?

Tracking the numbers and the data in your business is going to help you answer these questions and more! Measuring your metrics will show you qualitatively what's working and what's not working in your business. Having clear goals will enable you to select metrics to track in order to determine your progress. I am all for listening to your gut and intuition, however, there is also a ton of value in making logical decisions based on evidence and clear reasoning with metrics. 

In this episode, we will dive deep into the world of metrics tracking for your online business; from what metrics +data to track, to why they are important, and how tracking the right metrics can help small business owners make profitable and informed decisions, even in the early years.

Tune in for more!

Episode Highlights: 

  • [03:34] Why do business owners need to know their numbers from the start 
  • [03:41] Metrics Tracking & Why it Matters To Your Small Business
  • [04:40] What are the most important metrics to track for entrepreneurs and business coaches to reach their business goals? 
  • [9:48] 4 Key Marketing metrics you need to track to better promote your online business 
  • [11:05] Beware of Vanity metrics  
  • [11:54] Social media metrics that actually matter & those that you should not be worried about! 
  • [16:37] What you need to know to ensure your email marketing effort is worth your time and energy 
  • [20:56] Learn what metrics you should care about if you want to make more money with your email list 
  • [21:13] Knowing your numbers is so important in finding solutions to your business programs/offers
  • [23:12] How to Improve long term customer satisfaction with Net promoter score ( NPS)
  • [27:25] Why you don't need to track every metric and what to do instead
  • [28:40] How often to look at your numbers + how to get started tracking your online business metrics today!

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