The Magnetic Business Podcast

47. Owning Your Body for a Massive Shifts in Your Life & Business with Melissa Mejia

November 18, 2021 Lexie Sparrow Episode 47
The Magnetic Business Podcast
47. Owning Your Body for a Massive Shifts in Your Life & Business with Melissa Mejia
Show Notes

In today’s online world, it is easy to get caught up in the feeling that you have to be, look, and act a certain way to be successful, especially as a health coach, nutritionist or fitness professional. Not only does the outside world place judgement on our diet, exercise, and health routines, but we too can become so judgmental of our own bodies and tie our shape, size or looks to our entrepreneurial success. 

My guest today is Melissa, a Mind & Body Transformation Maven. She has helped tons of women reignite & shift their energy, so they love, appreciate, & embrace their body & show up powerfully in their lives! The work she does encompasses deep inner work, releasing diet culture, and supporting other women own their bodies to make massive shifts in their lives and businesses. 

In this episode, we discuss how to develop a deeper relationship with our bodies, how to let go of diet culture, how diet culture influences our  journey as entrepreneurs (especially in the health and wellness niche), and what we should consider to ensure that we are showing up fully in our businesses and helping others transform their lives as well.

The message is simple: give yourself permission to love your body the way it is and step into your power! Tune in for more! 

Episode Highlights: 

  • [04:44] Melissa's journey in the holistic & wellness world -- from dieting restrictions, weight obsession, to her quest to find her true self 
  • [06:52] Promoting women's worth and power while releasing the diet culture
  • [07:04] Why it's not your job to change your body + yourself to fit society 
  • [19:14] The biggest mindset shift to keep going on your wellness journey
  • [20:48] The struggle and resistance holistic and wellness coaches face when putting themselves out there
  • [22:33] How to energetically magnetized people to you
  • [22:55] The power of owning your body + showing up in your most authentic self 
  • [26:16] Using human design and energetics to easily flow in life & business
  • [26:49] One of the major things that's keeping a lot of  coaches , nutritionists and fitness professionals into attracting the right type of  clients 
  • [27:55] Using our bodies as a tool for healing and how we should know them better
  • [30:54] Sifting through your energy to what lights you up vs what drains you
  • [39:03] How to bring a totally deeper layer of yourself to the world + keeping your body, life and business timeless
  • [44:37] What it takes to be a Queen in your truest form, and show up and slay! 

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