The Magnetic Business Podcast

70. Instagram Updates and Best Practices 2022 with Kendra Swalls

May 12, 2022 Lexie Sparrow Episode 70
The Magnetic Business Podcast
70. Instagram Updates and Best Practices 2022 with Kendra Swalls
Show Notes

Just about everyone is on Instagram these days, including dogs and cats with their own trending Instagram accounts. Instagram is a beast and it is an amazing marketing tool that you can use for free to connect with your ideal clients and your target market. However, like with any tool, Instagram comes down to making it work for you and your business. 

But with all of the changing features and reels and trending viral post talk, how do you even know what you should be focusing on right now when it comes to Instagram? That's exactly what we're going to get into in today's episode. 

I'm excited to have Kendra from Girl Means Business on the show today to talk all about Instagram updates and best practices for Spring 2022. Kendra is a mom of two, a photographer and an educator. In 2012, she started her first business and everything changed. What started out as a hobby alongside her teaching career quickly turned into a successful business. In 2017, she left her teaching career to run her photography business full time and start the Girl Means Business brand and podcast. Now, she helps women take their business from survival mode to success mode using the same relationship marketing strategies that have been the foundations of her own successful photography business. 

In this Episode We Chat About:

  • What should we be spending our time creating for Instagram?
  • Instagram neighbourhoods - different areas for different people on the app
  • Why repurposing content is the golden ticket with social media
  • How to get started repurposing your content on Instagram 
  • Are you hurting your Instagram growth if you are not creating Reels right now?
  • Stop comparing yourself to others on social media. It takes time to learn these features
  • The latest Instagram Updates as of Spring 2022
  • Where should we be going online to find the latest updates on our own (who can we trust)
  • Start using the Collaboration features on Instagram to grow your community
  • The changes to the way we view on content on our own feed
  • Kendra’s #1 top priority tip for you to build your Instagram audience in 2022

Kendra's Website: Girl Means Business
Kendra's Instagram: @girlmeansbusiness
 Kendra's Podcast: Girl Means Business Podcast

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